Some Final Thoughts

As I said at the beginning of this post, I built the Date Difference Calculator with a set of basic design principles in mind.  The current code versions listed here are the result of much trial-and-error; I was learning as I went along.  There was a lot of “process of discovery”, and numerous instances of going back and rewriting and refactoring as I re-acquainted myself with the language and became more familiar with JavaFX concepts.  By no means should you view my code as “best practice” or the only way to accomplish the end product.  It is (and probably always will be) a work in progress.

Finally, I could not have accomplished this task without the on-line resources available to anyone who takes time to find, read and absorb what is out there.  Of course this includes free and unfettered access to the Oracle JavaFX product suite and accompanying documentation.  I am also indebted to all of those who contribute to the countless forums, blogs, and discussions that provided insight, hints, and in some cases downright purloining of code to ease my way through the process.

In keeping with the “pay it forward” principle, I humbly provide access to my source code (Project Downloads page); feel free to use it, modify it in any way you see fit, and pass it on if you wish.  My only request is that you please notify me if you actually use the code!  I would be delighted to hear your comments – especially if there is some better or more efficient way to accomplish what I’ve done.


Development Suite

  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Java Standard Edition, Java Development Kit: to start, version 1.7.0_xx; current release is on 1.8.0_05
  • Java Runtime Environment: to start, JRE7; current release is on JRE8
  • JavaFX: to start, JavaFX 1.x, current release is on JavaFX 2.2.
  • SceneBuilder: to start, version 1.0; current release was updated on version 2.0.