This page contains some examples of applications I have created.  Click on an image to go to the application page.


Earthquake Timeline (Status: Version 0.9)

The Earthquake Timeline is a chronological map-oriented application that plots selected earthquakes on a custom Google Map display. You specify search parameters including date range, magnitude and epicenter depth range; all quakes that meet the specified criteria are presented on the map. Source of data is the United States Geological Survey (USGS) historical database of earthquakes between 1900 and 2013.

The Earthquake Timeline is a Web-based application (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL).

European Conflicts Tracker (Status: Version 0.9)

The History Of European Conflicts web page is a chronological map-oriented display of major conflicts that have occurred in the second millennium A.D. within the geographical limits of the European continent, the Near East and a portion of Asia. A Conflict is defined as a series of events, ranging over a period of time, leading to a change in political boundaries, leadership, etc. An event is an individual battle, siege, or skirmish that played into the conflict and had an impact on the outcome of the conflict. You can use a custom GoogleMap or a static map to locate events. Each event is represented by its location, with various levels of summary information provided for further reference.

The European Conflicts Tracker is a Web-based application (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL).

The Crossword Puzzle Generator (Status: Version 0.9)

You create a crossword puzzle grid, and the Crossword Puzzle Generator attempts to find a set of words that fit the grid. The Crossword Puzzle Generator uses a standard dictionary, or a custom dictionary that you specify, to create an initial solution to the puzzle (which is typically 60% - 70% complete) and to successively refine the solution until all words in the puzzle are valid. You can add or change the puzzle to customize a solution. When the Crossword Puzzle Generator is done, all you have to do is make up the clues!

The Crossword Puzzle Generator is a Java application (JavaFX SE, SceneBuilder, NetBeans).

The Event Date Difference Calculator (Status: Version 1.0)

Enter a start date and a finish date, and the Event Date Difference Calculator tells you the how much time elapsed between the two dates (in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds). You can load Events from a pre-defined list, and see how much time elapsed between them, or between an Event and a date that you specify. Use your birth date as the start date and the current date as the finish date to calculate how old you are at any given moment in time. Dates between 0 A.D. and 9999 A.D. are supported.

The Event Date Difference Calculator is a Java application (JavaFX SE, SceneBuilder, NetBeans).